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Premium quality outdoor furniture with up to 20% more Aluminium

100% Australian owned and manufactured


Premium Aluminium Outdoor Furniture Specialists for Schools, Parks and Street Furniture in Australia

Felton Industries is Australia’s leading designer, manufacturer and supplier of Australian-made premium aluminium outdoor furniture for schools, parks, councils, clubs and organisations. We have a wide range of quality, Australian-made grandstands, tiered seating, bench seating, tables and chairs, shelters, bin surrounds and change room furniture to suit every environment. 

Felton Industries are ISO9001 accredited and Approved Local Government Procurement Suppliers  in NSW, WA, QLD, SA and Northern Territory. We have been supplying premium aluminium seating solutions for all educational, community, sporting and commercial environments across Australia for more than 20 years.

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Introducing our brand new Classic Timber Picnic Setting

Made from durable, quality Blackbutt Hard Wood, our super comfortable rustic look A-Frame Classic Timber Picnic Setting wonderfully complements any outdoor space. It is a perfect choice for Resorts, Parks, Schools, Pubs, Clubs, Golf Courses, Cafes and other organisations.

Our most popular products in February

Eco-Trend Sheltered Park Setting
Above Ground Bench Seat With Backrest
Park Setting
Sunsafe Select Grandstand
Jumbo Park Setting
Select Grandstand

Our Clients include Schools, Parks, Councils, Sporting Bodies, Government Organisations and more

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About Felton Industries

  Australia can be a challenging environment with extreme weather and strong sunlight, so when it comes to the design and manufacture of school and street furniture you want locally-designed furniture that has been built to meet and cope with the harsh Australian climate. With Felton Industries, you can be sure that your organisation or community gets stylish, durable outdoor furniture up to the challenge so that you can enjoy your outdoor space and value for your investment.

We are innovators in the design and construction of outdoor aluminium furniture. Our school and street furniture include patented components for safety and comfort. We take pride in delivering outstanding solutions for all your outdoor seating needs. Contact us today

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