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4 factors to consider when upgrading or creating changing room facilities

Whether the season is approaching or has just started, an area of sportsgrounds that receive a great deal of usage are changing room facilities. Having quality well-thought out changing rooms can greatly enhance the overall experience at the sports facility for participants, visitors, and spectators alike. Take a look at four essential factors to consider when you are upgrading or rebuilding your changing room facilities.

What are the principle factors to consider for a changing room rebuild or revamp?

There are a range of items to consider including the facilities required to meet participation needs, accessibility, equality of facilities, sturdiness and longevity of outdoor furniture and maintenance. All of the which are explored below.

Facilities required

Of primary importance is how the changing room is going to be used over the year. Will it be utilised by different sports at different times of the year? Will there be permanently split changing room facilities by gender or will it be used at different points by all and therefore require a multipurpose facility.

Do you have enough changing room facilities to manage the rising numbers of women and girls playing sports?

How many participants at any one time are likely to be using the facility? These numbers will dictate the numbers of showers or cubicles that are required.

Are there any Sports Governing Body standard requirements dictating changing room size and facilities which need to be adhered to? If the sportsground is to host competitive games, a separate changing room facility should be allocated for umpires and referees.
All of the above need to be understood in order to ensure there are adequate facilities provided

Accessibility of Changing rooms

Accessibility is vital to ensure there is an equality of provision for those using or visiting the facility. Accessibility relates to those with disabilities, the elderly and access for all genders. Provision for family change facilities including baby change facilities should be included to improve inclusiveness for parents wanting to participate in sports and use the facilities. For guidance review local or state government regulation in relation to accessibility.

Privacy and Safety

Changing room facilities require a higher degree of privacy than other types of facilities. This should include elements such as a privacy screen at the entry, individual cubicle shower facilities that can be locked with change seats inside each cubicle, and sufficient provision of toilet cubicles.  To help ensure your facility is seen as a welcoming inclusive environment the cleanliness of all areas should be maintained regularly.

For enhanced safety of the facility, include appropriate designated parking and sufficient lighting close to the changing room facilities to improve safety of users.

 Changing room design

Changing rooms can come in all shapes and sizes depending on their significance and the size of the overall facility. However when considering the design the following are useful to consider:

  • Designing for a multipurpose approach
  • Ambulant compliant toilet cubicles
  • Seating in shower cubicles
  • Shelving or ledge near basins
  • Hygiene disposal points
  • Vandal resistant fitting and fixtures
  • Locker storage for players
  • Power points for hair dryers
  • Suitable bench spacing for participants. Ideal these have at least 50cm length and 45cm depth per player if space permits
  • Low maintenance and suitable finishes to facilitate hygiene and easy maintenance of the facilities
  • Robust, sturdy outdoor furniture
  • Easy level access to fields of play and other amenities
  • Other facilities for Sports Clubs such as Kitchen & Social area

At Felton we provide a range of customisable change room furniture to suit any design and layout. All our changing room furniture is made from durable 100% aluminium which is low maintenance and does not corrode or rust in damp changing room environments. It is very low maintenance and easy to keep clean and hygienic.

Get in touch today on 1800 834 016 to find out how we can assist your organisation build or upgrade the change room facilities at your sportsground or school.