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Aquinas College

Located in the suburb of Ringwood on the outskirts of Melbourne’s metropolitan area, Aquinas College is a prestigious private school with a growing student body. Every day, many students must be picked up and taken home by bus or private car. As the collection point is located away from the school buildings in an open and exposed area, the school needed to provide appropriate shelter for the children as they wait for transport. Melbourne is known for its extremely variable weather so Aquinas College needed outdoor furniture that would provide comfortable shelter for waiting students yet also double as spectator seating in one area for the sports oval.

An evaluation of the site by Felton Industries revealed there were a number of existing concrete areas that would provide a suitable location and, by customising our Double Bench Shelter, we were able to make optimum use of the space available. Aquinas College purchased 16 of Felton Industries’ customised Double Bench Shelters, each capable of seating up to 8 people. Manufactured from premium Australian aluminium and supplied within just 6 weeks, the shelters were fully powder-coated and finished with Colorbond roofing. To provide an extra level of protection for the students, Felton’s unique, patented Safety End Caps were fitted to each unit to eliminate any rough edges that might catch on clothing or scratch skin.

The customised Double Bench Shelters proved to be ideally suited to the project. Blending comfort and durability with a stylish, modern design that accommodates up to 128 students, the shelters looked right at home among picturesque college grounds. We’re pleased to say, it didn’t take long for the students to make themselves feel right at home either.

Felton Aquinas College