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Advantages of Aluminium

What makes Aluminium our favourite material for outdoor furniture?

Aluminium is one of the most abundantly available materials in the world and has several advantages that make it a very popular choice for outdoor furniture. At Felton, using aluminium guarantees we meet one of our principal goals – to ensure a premium quality standard for all our products.

But what exactly makes aluminium such a desirable material to use for outdoor furniture?

Strength and Durability
One of the many reasons that aluminium is used in construction and manufacturing is its strength advantage. Unlike some other materials, aluminium will strengthen in cold weather and can easily be alloyed with other metals to create durability and sturdiness.

Alongside its strength, aluminium is known for its lengthier life span as it is naturally protected against corrosion. This makes aluminium an ideal material to use for outdoor furniture as it will also require less maintenance and effort to clean as opposed to other materials that are commonly used for outdoor products.

It is lightweight in comparison to other metals which make it a great choice if you require portable seating. And in terms of being able to cope with the challenges of the harsh Australian climate, aluminium is ideal to use for outdoor use as it is not susceptible to UV damage, rain corrosion or heat and cold absorption, so prevents outdoor furniture from becoming too hot or cold to sit on.

Cost & Environment
Compared to many other materials, aluminium is one of the more affordable alternatives and offers great value for money due to its high durability and low maintenance.

As for environmental considerations, its 100% recyclability makes it great for reuse with little or no deterioration in quality throughout the recycling process.

Design potential
Aluminium not only lends itself as an ideal material for outdoor furniture because it is sturdy, durable, cost effective and recyclable but it also has many design possibilities as it is easily casted, extruded or curved into different shapes. Whereas other materials require lengthy production processes and manual labour to achieve certain shapes, aluminium only knows a few design limitations, making it an ideal material for the job.

The Felton product range
As you can see at Felton Industries we love aluminium! We utilise the very best quality aluminium to create our premium range of outdoor furniture. From tables and chairs to shelters, bin surrounds, grandstands and bench seating we offer a wide range of outdoor furniture made to the highest quality.

Our aluminium products are 100% made in Australia and also owned by Australians. We have been supplying premium outdoor seating solutions to schools, communities, councils, governments, sporting and commercial organisations across Australia for more than 20 years. Felton is Approved by the Local Government Procurement Suppliers in NSW, WA, QLD, SA and Northern Territory which demonstrates our commitment for comfort, versatility and quality.

Like to know more? Don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly team at Felton on 1800 834 016.