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Interested in applying for a grant?

Found your dream Grandstands or Tables and Chairs but don't yet have the budget to turn your aspirations into reality?

Why not take a look through the list of grants we have put together to see if your organisation can receive a little extra assistance to purchase the outdoor furniture of your choice.

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Outdoor Furniture Grants for Victoria

Sports Grants:

Community Cricket Program - Metropolitan Cricket and Community Centres
Aims to support the development of cricketers, provide greater access to people from all backgrounds and better facilities for girls and women’s cricket in Victoria.
Amount: up to $1,500,000
Round 1 closes 31 May 2020

Community Cricket Program - Community Cricket Facilities
Seeks to improve existing and build new community cricket facilities with the aim of improving cricket participation opportunities for all Victorians.
Amount: up to $100,000
Round 1 closes 13 March

The World Game Facilities Fund
Assists local football (soccer) clubs and organisations to upgrade existing or develop new facilities across metropolitan Melbourne and regional Victoria.
Amount: up to $500,000
Round 2 closes 13 March 2020

Outdoor Furniture Grants for Queensland

Show Society Grants

Show Societies Grants Program
Provides financial support to meet the operational costs associated with the conduct of annual agricultural shows and costs towards the upgrade and maintenance of showground assets and new infrastructure in Queensland.
Amount: up to $133,000
Always open


Outdoor Furniture Grants for South Australia

Sports Grants

The Recreation and Sport Grants Program - Community Facilities
Provides funding to support upgrades and improvements of recreation and sport infrastructure that is accessible and provides a direct benefit to the City community such as sports lighting, irrigation and sports surfaces in South Australia.
Amount: up to $70,000
Round 4 closes 03 April 2020

Outdoor Furniture Grants for NT

Sports Grants

Community Benefit Fund - Major Community Grants
Provides funding to regional councils and not-for-profit organisations to provide services, leisure activities and opportunities to Territorians.
Amount: up to $250,000
Round 2 closes 28 February 2020

Outdoor Furniture Grants for NSW

Sports Grants

Infrastructure Grants - Sport & Recreation
Liquor & Gaming NSW offers grants to communities across NSW to support the building, renovation and fitout of infrastructure.
Amount: up to $300,000
Round 3 opens 16 March 2020 and closes 06 April 2020

Outdoor Furniture Grants for Tasmania

Sports Grants

Australian Cricket Infrastructure Fund
Provides funding for community cricket facility projects, with a focus on growing participation and promoting accessibility and inclusivity in Tasmania.
Amount: up to $30,000
Round 1 closes 28 February

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