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Creating sustainable green communities

Creating Sustainable Green Communities

What are Green Communities? Communities that place environmental well-being as a priority and whose residents look to protect their environment from overuse and pollution whilst reducing their individual and communal carbon footprint can be considered green communities. Such sustainable communities aim to lower the impact on the environment without lowering the quality of life. They…

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Wheelie Bins Surrounds: an easy way to teach kids about recycling

Wheelie Bin Surrounds: An easy way to teach kids about recycling

Keeping school grounds litter free is a continual challenge for the school community. One way to help support a clean and tidy outdoor space and keep litter at bay is to provide adequate bins and recycling facilities and incentive programs for kids to get involved. Through working with schools for many years Felton Industries designed…

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Advantages of Aluminium

Advantages of Aluminium and Aluminium outdoor furniture

What makes Aluminium our favourite material for outdoor furniture? Aluminium is one of the most abundantly available materials in the world and has several advantages that make it a very popular choice for outdoor furniture. At Felton, using aluminium guarantees we meet one of our principal goals – to ensure a premium quality standard for…

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Felton Outdoor Learning Area

Create the best learning environments at your school

What makes design effective to boost success in schools? Effective design is an essential element in the creation of successful schools. The entire school landscape including outdoor learning environments need to be well-designed and cater for the requirements of the whole school community. A recent study made by NSW Government Architect highlights “Well-designed schools can…

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Felton Industries - Organising events that bring people together

Organising events that bring the neighbourhood together

Organising events that bring the neighbourhood together Coming up with an original event that brings people in the community together can be difficult. Especially in neighbourhoods with diverse demographics, where finding the balance between young and old is a challenge and organising the right activity can be a tough pickle. Nevertheless, a good old neighbourhood…

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Transforming parks and outdoor spaces to build communities

Transforming parks and outdoor spaces to build communities

How do you transform parks and outdoor spaces to build communities? Parks and public spaces are often thought of as the centre of a neighbourhood and its community where people can relax as well as spend time together and be active. With the rise of the ‘indoor’ generation and studies showing people spend up to…

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Create an Outdoor Space at your school

Create an outdoor space that meets the recommended design standards at your school

Did you know that different states provide different design standards for outdoor furniture at schools? Depending on which state your school is located, design standards for outdoor furniture can include detailed recommendations of parameters for outdoor furniture at your primary or high school. If you are re-designing a playground space, sports area, outdoor learning environment…

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Felton Industries Local Schools Community Fund

Upgrade the outdoor area at your school with the Local Schools Community Fund

Did you know that if you are a school looking to upgrade your facilities you can apply for funding of your project at the Local Schools Community Fund? The fund is open to government, independent and catholic schools nationwide and each electorate has up to $200,000 allocated to this funding.   Who can apply? Any…

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Felton Present and Future Design Trends for Outdoor

Outdoor furniture follows design trends of the future

What are the present and future design trends for outdoor furniture and outdoor space? As with fashion, furniture styles and designs change over time and mimic the overall trend of the era. What are the present and future design trends for outdoor furniture and outdoor areas? There are 3 main themes that are likely to…

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Felton Colour Affecting Performance

Does colour affect performance?

Does colour influence and affect performance? Can we use colour to influence and improve performance? The impacts of colour on performance has been an area of interest across a number of professions for many years including elite athletes, scientists, advertisers, marketers and designers. More recently however colour and performance has become the subject of more…

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Felton Importance of Spectator Seating

The importance of spectator seating on your sports ground.

The importance of spectator seating on your sports ground Whether you are looking to upgrade or build a brand new sports ground at your school, park or community, an essential part of your planning involves where you would like to incorporate seating at your ground and the type of seating that would suit best. Getting…

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Felton Top tips to apply for a grant

Top tips to apply for a grant

Top tips to apply for a grant Would you like to be able to upgrade your outdoor facilities at your school, sports club, park or organisation but don’t have all the resourcing you need? Applying for a grant can be a good way to meet a shortfall in resourcing or it can allow you to…

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Felton Outdoor Learning

Give outdoor learning a regular spot in your school week

Now is a perfect time to consider what new activities and ways of learning you can add to your classes over the school year to promote enthusiasm for school, encourage learning and help make school a happy, productive environment for kids. Government research indicates that children who spend more time outside learn better and have…

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Felton Important Playgrounds

Why are playgrounds important and what makes a great playground?

Whether in schools, local parks, community centres or resorts, outdoor playgrounds provide an exciting hive of opportunity where kids get the chance to play. Recollecting back to our own childhood, these opportunities to play often make up some of our fondest earliest memories and accounted for a vital part of our learning and developing. Playgrounds…

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Felton Outdoor Furniture

How Your School Can Help Promote Active Lifestyles In Children

How Your School Can Help Promote Active Lifestyles In Children? With inactivity and childhood obesity an ongoing concern in our communities, schools have an increasingly important role in encouraging children to be active. This can be a challenge with students often being required to sit down in class for much of the day. Nevertheless there…

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Felton How to use outdoor spaces

How To Use Outdoor Spaces To Build Vibrant Communities

How can outdoor space be used to build vibrant communities? Studies show that an investment into a park, or similar outdoor community space, can be the first step in the rejuvenation of an entire community. A community with shared values and interests and where people are regularly communicating and interacting with one another helps build…

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Felton Memorable School Photo Day

Four Steps in Making Sure Your School Photo Day is Memorable for Everyone

How to make your School Photo day memorable School photo days are a vital way for parents and the school to record class memories over the years. That end of year yearbook becomes tangible proof of the good that the school is doing in the community and parents love the photos as a way of…

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Felton Industries Care about Public Transport

Why we should all care about public transport

Why we should all care about public transport Public transport is one of those things that we should all be far more engaged with. In a very real sense, it is a lifeblood of both our economies and our social communities. Research from the Victorian Government, for example, has found that public transport provides benefits…

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Felton Playgrounds of the Future

What will outdoor playgrounds of the future be like?

What will outdoor playgrounds of the future be like? Playgrounds have been an essential part of childhood for generations – a place of fun, laughter and fresh air, where young friendships bloom. They’re also critical to children’s cognitive, physical and social development. In the era of video games and social media, children don’t get outside…

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Felton Building a Pocket Park

Building a pocket park: How to bring local parks back to dense urban spaces

Building a pocket park Why should communities in our big cities be deprived of the joys of a space to energise, connect with nature and unwind? A Western Australian study has found that communities with more parks have a stronger sense of community, comfort and safety, highlighting just how important parks are. Pocket parks are…

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Felton Colour in Schools

Three helpful ways to use colour in school playgrounds

Colour in School Playgrounds The impact of colour in school playgrounds is often overlooked when designing educational spaces. However, colour plays a huge role in the way people think, feel and act. Here are three ways you can use colour in school playgrounds to boost your students’ learning, happiness and safety. Create emotional balance  …

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Felton Safer Public Streets

Three steps to designing safer public streets

Designing safer public streets Public streets play a huge role in determining public safety. Policy makers from across the globe have seen better urban street design lead to a decrease in road accidents and casualties, creating happier, healthier cities. Here are three key elements for designing safer public streets that all public administrators should consider.…

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Felton Grow Your Sports Club

Four ways to grow your sports club

If there’s one thing Australians love, it’s sport. Apart from the obvious benefits to players (like keeping people fit and healthy, learning about teamwork and trying your best), one of the biggest benefits of sports clubs is how they bring the community together. From playing in a team as youngsters to watching and coaching your…

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Felton Benefits of Choosing Outdoor Furniture

The benefits of choosing Australian made outdoor furniture

Why choose Australian made outdoor furniture? While it can be tempting to source outdoor furniture cheaply from overseas, communities should always invest in outdoor furniture when designing outdoor spaces. Here are three reasons why.  They are designed to meet Australian needs Australian made outdoor furniture is made for you. Our country receives some of the…

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Felton Getting to School Safer

How to make travelling to school safer for children

How to make getting to school safer All parents and teachers want their kids to be safe and happy at school. Making sure children travel safely to and from school is an important first step in creating a positive learning environment for children. Here are four ways to make travelling to school safer for children.…

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Felton Spending Your Budget

How to get the most value for your organisation by spending your budget before the end of financial year

At the end of each financial year, many schools and local council administrators are left with the responsibility of spending remaining budget. Choosing what to invest this money in is often a difficult task, with a lot of pressure to make a quick decision before crunch time. Thankfully, Felton Industries has you covered. Quality outdoor…

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Felton Encourage the Community to Utilise Parks

Encouraging the community to go to parks in winter

If the combination of shorter days and chilly weather make it hard to get out of bed, never mind outdoors, you’re not alone. Many parks in Australia are geared towards keeping people cool in the scorching summer months. But what about the winter? With temperatures plunging to below zero in inland regions, for many communities,…

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Felton Create Active Sports Hub

How to create an active sports hub for the entire community

How to create an active sports hub for the entire community Whether it’s on the field or on the track, for competition or for a bit of fun, sport is an essential part of Australian culture and identity. Sport brings communities together, unites people of different backgrounds and teaches children valuable lessons about teamwork and…

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Felton Ways to Reduce Litter in the Schoolyard

Three ways you can reduce litter in the schoolyard

Schools need to be litter-free environments for students to learn and grow. Cleaner playgrounds create clearer minds, enhancing children’s happiness and connection with nature. Even more importantly, when children are taught from an early age not to litter, they become more respectful of the environment and of one-another. These values are likely to stick with…

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Felton Bike-friendly Communities

Why bike-friendly communities are better communities

Why bike-friendly communities are better communities With more cars on our roads, increased pollution and the soaring cost of living, keeping our cities lively and livable as Australia’s population grows is a challenge. Research shows that urban communities with good bike facilities have stronger economies, healthier, happier people and better qua­lity of life. Plus, Australian…

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