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The impact of colour in school playgrounds is often overlooked when designing educational spaces. However, colour plays a huge role in the way people think, feel and act. Here are three ways you can use colour in school playgrounds to boost your students’ learning, happiness and safety.

Create emotional balance  

Different colours produce different effects on feelings and emotions, which is why you should always consider the emotional effects your colour choices may have. For example, if you want children to feel energised while playing sport, opt for warm colours like yellows, oranges and reds. Contrastingly, if you’d like to create a more relaxing atmosphere opt for greens and blues. You can also use colour to maximise inclusion at school. A good example of this is Felton’s yellow Buddy Bench. Whenever children see this yellow-coloured bench in the playground, they know that it’s a safe space to go if they feel upset, lonely or need to talk to someone.

Enhance learning

Certain colours have been known to improve concentration and reduce distraction. The key to maximising learning is not to over-stimulate children with too many bright colours, like oranges and reds. Adding these colours sparingly will help students feel attentive and energised, but not overwhelmed. Splashes of blue, green and yellow will also keep them calm, focussed and ready to learn. Always strive to achieve balance when designing learning spaces.

Simplify coordination

Young children are often still developing literacy skills and spatial awareness, which makes it difficult for them to differentiate between areas of the playground. Colour-coding your playground furniture can also help make it easier to understand where things are and what they mean. For example, green tables in the playground could indicate where they should eat lunch, while areas marked in red will tell them where to go in case of emergency. Additionally, Felton’s bin surrounds can dramatically improve children’s recycling habits, using colour to distinguish between waste and recyclables.

Enhance school spirit

Coloured powder coating on outdoor furniture injects a splash of colour in school playgrounds and sporting areas, creating more lively and vibrant spaces for students. Using school colours in the entry way can also boost students’ connection to their school community. Additionally, with coloured powder coating, you can customise Felton’s grandstand seating based on your house colours. This will strengthen team spirit at competitive events, maximising unity and cohesion.

Felton Industries’ powder coating comes in six different colour options, so you can add a splash of colour to your outdoor spaces. As an Australian owned and operated company, nobody understands the requirements of Australian schools like Felton Industries. We’re committed to providing the highest quality solutions, ensuring Australia’s outdoor spaces offer the most comfortable, safe and aesthetically pleasing experiences possible. For more information about outdoor furniture tailored to your unique needs,  get in touch with our friendly team today.

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