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Felton Outdoor Learning Area

What makes design effective to boost success in schools?

Effective design is an essential element in the creation of successful schools. The entire school landscape including outdoor learning environments need to be well-designed and cater for the requirements of the whole school community.

A recent study made by NSW Government Architect highlights “Well-designed schools can improve learning outcomes, health and wellbeing. They can improve comfort for students and staff, reducing the impacts of both the urban heat-island effect and greenhouse gas emissions, at the same time, improving how schools work now and over their whole life span”.

For schools that are interested in creating an outdoor space suitable for learning such as a multi-purpose outdoor classrooms, we can provide expert recommendations on layout and furniture styles, ranges and numbers to ensure students get the most out of learning. All our outdoor seating is practical, durable and comfortable and these aspects work together to create a conducive atmosphere for learning.

According to the U.K study ´Building Environments: The impact of classroom design on pupils’ learning: Results of a holistic, multi-level analysis´: “the naturalness design principle accounts for around 50% of the impact on learning”. Making it one of the most important issues to consider, especially in primary schools and early learning.

All Felton’s aluminium tables and chairs are 100% Australian made. This makes our furniture well-suited to Australia’s unique climate conditions and ensures safety and comfort is a number one priority. Our benches have 20% more aluminium for extra strength for all outdoor spaces.

“If the learning atmosphere is not conducive to gaining new knowledge or skills, it will be hard for learners to remain engrossed or interested”, states a report made by the Racoon Gang. Therefore, when working with schools or learning centres we constantly try to provide with outdoor bench seatings that are comfortable and create a nice atmosphere.

We have a range of outdoor seating which is particularly suitable to outdoor learning. One such seating solution is the Snack ‘n’ Study bench and table set. It is very popular in secondary schools and senior areas. It fits up to 8 people and has the ideal height to study, chat or use as a dining set.

Another popular table and chair setting purpose built for multi-use in particular outdoor study is the Lunch ‘n’ Learn Setting outdoor setting which offers a great environment for studying. This aluminium outdoor table and bench is very easy to clean and is suited for all outdoor dining areas so you can create a dual function outdoor space easily and efficiently.

The 4-Sided Pedestal Park Setting is perfect for creating colourful stimulating outdoor learning environment and encourages face to face interaction with its space-saving compact units. It is a big favourite with schools due to this appealing appearance and practical nature. Due to its size, it is easy to create an outdoor environment is any outdoor space whether it be small or large.

At Felton Industries we think about inclusion when designing our outdoor seating. For schools we have the Interactive Wheelchair Setting, Standard Wheelchair Setting & the Access Wheelchair Setting available to create inviting spaces for all members of the school community. These settings have easy access and are available with coloured safety end caps to assist visually impaired students negotiate outdoor areas.

Felton Industries provides safe aluminium outdoor settings for a wide range of learning environments. “A good learning environment offers a safe platform for learners”, quotes the analysis made by Racoon Gang. And this includes a safe and welcoming outdoor environment.

At Felton Industries we are proud to support outdoor learning in our schools with our practical designs and the highest quality of products and services. Contact us to find out how we can deliver the perfect outdoor learning environment for your school.