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Felton Industries winter time in parks

If the combination of shorter days and chilly weather make it hard to get out of bed, never mind outdoors, you’re not alone. Many parks in Australia are geared towards keeping people cool in the scorching summer months. But what about the winter? With temperatures plunging to below zero in inland regions, for many communities, visiting parks in winter is more than just putting up with a light breeze.

Science continues to show that the seasons affect our mood, motivation and energy levels significantly, even without us knowing. Getting outside more in winter is vital to our overall health, keeping us physically fit and helping us fend off cold and flu. Fresh air is also crucial to beating the winter blues, boosting our energy and releasing endorphins to make us happy.

Here’s the key to attracting people to parks in winter and over the cooler months of the year:

Offer adequate shelter

Protection from the elements is crucial to ensuring parks and outdoor recreational areas remain a year-round destination. When fitting out parks, local governments tend to focus solely on providing adequate protection from UV rays. However, areas should also provide protection from other elements like rain, wind and hail. Nobody wants a dark and boxy outdoor space, especially ­when its chilly outside, so it’s important to choose shelter options that keep people out of the weather, but also allow natural light to shine through. When people feel that there is always safe and warm place to retreat if the weather turns sour, they’re likely to spend more time at parks in winter and have a better experience when they do.

Let there be light

It gets light later and dark earlier in winter, so if you want people to continue visiting the park, adequate lighting outdoor is crucial. Nobody wants to head down to the local park in pitch black darkness, whether it’s morning or early evening. On the other hand, a well-lit park is an appealing place to spend time – especially when it’s dark elsewhere. Plus, not only does having more light make parks in winter more attractive and enjoyable, it also reduces crime, ensuring recreational areas are much safer places.

Create an incentive

Many councils are quick to welcome the summer with sports events, markets, fairs and children’s workshops at the local park, but parks in winter often fizzle out when it comes to festivities. While it can be tempting to host community events when it’s warming up, people are likely to be getting fresh air at these times anyway. Saving some of these community activities and events for the cooler months will help ensure parks and other outdoor recreational areas are popular meeting places, year-round.

Having the right furniture and equipment is the key to ensuring the community has a reason to get outside and enjoy parks in winter. We believe Australian communities need vibrant outdoor spaces to keep us fit and healthy whether the weather is cold or warm, rainy or sunny. As a wholly Australian-owned and operated business, nobody understands the needs of our schools and councils like Felton Industries. We’re committed to providing the highest quality outdoor aluminium furniture solutions, ensuring the most comfortable outdoor experiences possible. For more information about outdoor furniture tailored to your unique needs,  get in touch with our friendly team today.

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