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NSW Local Government Procurement (LGP)

Felton Industries

Your NSW Local Government Procurement (LGP) supplier.

Felton Industries have recently been appointed as a NSW Local Government Procurement (LGP) supplier.

The LGP is a resource that allows local councils to access the best products from a panel of suppliers, without the need to conduct formal tenders on a project by project basis. Becoming a member is no easy task and selection required meeting stringent criteria involving product, quality, customer service and pricing.

We’re very proud of this appointment and the opportunity it presents for more communities to enjoy the benefits of our stylish, long-lasting, low maintenance Australian-made premium, outdoor furniture.

The benefits to you:

  • Direct access to highest standard of quality products – that is easy to purchase.
  • No spend limit. However expensive the project, purchasing through LGP requires no extra red-tape/paperwork
  • Competitive pricing
  • No Need to tender – saves time and money
  • Legislative obligations are met – prescription status
  • One Set of agreed terms and Conditions
  • Transparency and clarity when ordering under the contract
  • Rebate return to councils available – meaning further savings

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