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Felton Industries - Organising events that bring people together

Organising events that bring the neighbourhood together

Coming up with an original event that brings people in the community together can be difficult. Especially in neighbourhoods with diverse demographics, where finding the balance between young and old is a challenge and organising the right activity can be a tough pickle. Nevertheless, a good old neighbourhood get together or simply throwing a barbecue are perhaps still the easiest and most successful ways to have a great event where people can enjoy food, music and have a good chat.

Spicing things up
While barbecues are considered somewhat cliché, organising one with a little out-of-the-box-thinking can make for original event. Think of themes or certain cuisines (i.e. Brazilian barbecue) to get a more original gathering. Alternatively, having different foods or food market-like tastings where everybody is encouraged to bring and enjoy finger foods or simple snacks can help people to discover, learn and talk about food. Having different and new food will help to get the conversation going and could be great for get people to socialise.

Music, the key to success
However, a gathering wouldn’t be the same without good music. Music not only creates an atmosphere for your party, but it also scientifically shown to help make people happier, more motivated and healthier. It is thus not unimportant to make sure you’ve got the right music for the occasion. Whether linked to food or a theme, having themed music can be a great way to get people dancing and to create a fun atmosphere. Live music could also be a way to help make your gathering stand out more as well as create an even more authentic atmosphere. Having people play their own instruments and sing, either professionally or karaoke, invites people to join in and show their talent.

Keeping guests entertained
Apart from the party basics, organising activities keeps people engaged and entertained. Keeping in mind that these gatherings are meant to entertain everyone in the community, including the youngsters, having some sort of event take place will keep them busy and will help them to have fun with others. This could include anything from markets, displays or performances to the more physical activities such as sports games or scavenger hunts.

Choosing the right location
Whatever kind of event you plan to organise, making sure you find the right location should not be overlooked. For a barbecue, you want to make sure there’s ample seating available so people can eat their meal but also have a drink and make conversation with others. For market-like events, think of open spaces with benches so people can move around and talk with others easily. Depending on the events you wish to organise, think of the area in which you want to hold them. Sports, games or a talent show? Consider moving your gathering to a park or location where there’s plenty of room for the event as well as for spectators to come and watch.

No matter the location, the key is to have the facilities you need to make your party a success. At Felton, our products will help you to do just that. With our 100% Australian-made furniture, you’ll be able to transform any location into the ideal venue for such an occasion. We offer a variety of seating options, bins, and grandstands that will help you to create the optimal atmosphere. At Felton, our products offer all-inclusive and tailored solutions for every environment and occasion, helping you to organise a great gathering, event or party for everyone in the community including those that are less mobile and wheelchair bound. As one of the many advantages of our products, the use of aluminium makes the outdoor furniture low-maintenance and easy to clean whatever occasion you plan to organise. Get in touch today to learn more about what we can do to help you create the outdoor setting to host the perfect barbecue, gathering or neighbourhood party!