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Felton Present and Future Design Trends for Outdoor

What are the present and future design trends for outdoor furniture and outdoor space?

As with fashion, furniture styles and designs change over time and mimic the overall trend of the era. What are the present and future design trends for outdoor furniture and outdoor areas? There are 3 main themes that are likely to continue to dominate the look and feel of outdoor space; the use of colour, minimalism and environmentally friendly design. The influence and importance of using colour in outdoor areas to stimulate and affect mood and to impact learning and performance has been discussed in previous blogs so this article explores outdoor furniture with a minimalist feel and environmentally friendly design.

What is a minimalist style?

Designing outdoor furniture from a minimalist standpoint means clean lines and keeping the design simple. This includes keeping designs basic, straightforward and without extensive decoration. It means using simple materials which are practical and suitable for the product. Usually the geometric forms are can be repeated to offer a sense of order. Minimalist outdoor furniture achieves a best-in-class look, feel and performance through utilising simple effective design and quality materials.

How can it be used for outdoor space?

A minimalist style refers to both the simplicity of the furniture alongside their design and usage across the outdoor area. Poorly positioned furniture which does not allow the space to be well-utilised can give the appearance of clutter and complication, whilst well positioned furniture with clean lines and including plenty of negative space, can alter this feeling of disorder to clarity and calmness, and greater sense of openness and space.

Environmentally friendly

Using recycled material or material that is considered environmentally friendly and not one-time usage is becoming increasingly important to manufacturers and consumers as they consider sustainability, carbon footprints and other environmental issues. The ability to recycle and reuse materials is becoming increasingly influential in consumer choice. 

Felton furniture is made from premium Australian aluminium which is considered highly durable recyclable and environmentally friendly. Our range of Peak Street Furniture is made from recycled plastic composite offering another environmentally friendly alternative to timber.

What constitutes an eco-friendly outdoor space?

The creation of eco-spaces with plants and trees combined with practical outdoor furniture solutions such as tables, chairs and benches are fundamental to developing well-used quality outdoor areas. Existing features of the natural environment should be used in the design and the outdoor furniture placed to compliment this. Additional planting of appropriate shrubs or trees to provide adequate shade, greenery and interest to outdoor spaces will further the success of the outdoor area.

Whether you are creating a new outdoor area or interested in upgrading your current space into a better utilised outdoor region, get in touch today.

We provide premium outdoor school, street and park furniture for community venues, clubs, parks, schools and more. Felton’s durable, stylish practical tables and chairs, shelters, grandstands and benches can help create an up-to-date, well-designed and well-used outdoor area space for your organisation.