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Felton Industries Portable Staging

When choosing stages for your upcoming event, it is important to consider the many factors that go into making the final decision from price, location, and versatility. Deciding between portable and more permanent stage structures is important as it can affect the audience’s experience of your event.

What are the different styles of staging?
Portable staging often consists of an aluminium structure making it lightweight and easily transportable. Aluminium stages are widely used for performances at both outdoor and indoor venues, weddings, parties, ceremonies exhibition, press conferences, and other entertainment applications.

Permanent stages are built into your facility and create a sense of consistency between events. However, a permanent stage limits both the height and feel of the room as permanent stages offer very little to no customisable options between events.

Benefits of Portable Staging:

Caters to the style of event
Permanent staging is suitable if you are looking to host the same event or style of event in your facility. It will provide a sense of continuity and consistency and allow you to build in set pieces and special effects. However, if you plan to host multiple events or redesign and reconfigure the area for each event, a portable stage would be a preferable choice. Portable staging allows you to host an award ceremony then reconfigure the room to present a concert.

Multiple Surface Option
Permanent staging can be built to match the one type of event you are hosting. Whether that is a sprung floor for dancers or a black painted surface for a drama or band performance. However, if you are hosting different events, the flooring option selected in the permanent staging may not be optimised for the event.
Portable staging offers more customisation as it allows you to be flexible and support multiple types of events. By simply changing the deck, you change the surface of the stage. Additionally, some manufacturers offer the option for double sided decks, which can simply be turned over to reveal another surface. This also offers a much simpler option to respond to damage than a permanent stage which could result in a major undertaking to correct.

Portable stages offer an easier alternative to transport, assemble, dismantle, and store than the more permanent alternative due to their aluminium structure. The lightweight material allows this process to be less time consuming to prepare the full stage.

Portable staging also makes it easier to pack-up the entire stage and move to a different location for another performance or event. This is due to the modular nature of the staging, making it easy to organise within seconds.

The make-up of different wooden or aluminium frames within the portable stage allows the height of the structure to be adjusted according to your requirements. Portable stages provide different height or adjustable height supports which allows you to match the intimacy of the room or performance.

At Felton, we offer a range of portable staging options for events you wish to host. All our products are highly durable and offer an efficient and lightweight solution to your next performance or event.

If you would like to know more about portable staging range, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly team today on 1800 834 016.