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Outdoor spaces are that much more enjoyable when they are rubbish free. Felton’s range of bins and bin surrounds offer the perfect solution for separating recycling and reducing the access of vermin and birds. Robust, practical and vandal resistant, our range of bins and bin surrounds promote hygiene and keeping Australia beautiful. Our school rubbish bins and bin surrounds are ideal for school playgrounds, parks, sportsgrounds and other outdoor spaces that require waste and recycling bins.

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Bin Surrounds To Improve Waste Management

Keep outdoor areas beautiful and rubbish-free with Felton Industries’ quality bin surround solutions. Our range of wheelie bin surrounds help protect the bin itself from within, while also providing an elegant, eye-catching waste management solution for any area with high traffic.

It’s important that bins are eye catching in public areas, so people know where to deposit their rubbish but equally important that they don’t detract from the area aesthetically. Our bin surrounds are designed specifically for parklands, sportsgrounds and public areas. The bin surrounds are colour coded and designed in such a way that people can tell the difference between one designated for recycling from one for general rubbish.

Constructed from zinc seal steel, our wheelie bin surrounds are robust and guaranteed to last the long term. They’re also difficult to break into – or break – thanks to their locking system and a sturdy bolt down base. This helps both with keeping animals out, and reduces the impact of vandalism. Because they are constructed with thick, strong steel, the bin surrounds will also help to minimise the risk of damage to the bin itself from weather or environmental factors.

The bin surrounds come in two sizes, to suit both 120 and 240 litre bins. As such, we’re able to supply surrounds to suit the most demanding and busy areas.

The team at Felton Industries have been selling and installing bin surrounds for many years now, throughout all of Australia. Our commitment to wholly-Australian produced materials and construction means government, commercial and education facilities have come to rely on our quality, and we are always keen to have a discussion on how our solutions can help to beautify and make an area comfortable to visitors.

If you have any questions on the purpose and value of modular wheelie bin surrounds, please do not hesitate to contact us on 1800 834 016. We’ll be able to answer any questions you might have, and suggest ways to ensure that your area, regardless of what it is, is kept free of rubbish.