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Felton Industries Benefits of Australian-made outdoor furniture

While it can be tempting to source outdoor furniture cheaply from overseas, communities should always invest in outdoor furniture when designing outdoor spaces. Here are three reasons why.

 They are designed to meet Australian needs

Australian made outdoor furniture is made for you. Our country receives some of the most dangerous sunrays on the planet, which means UV is a big consideration – whether it’s summer or winter. Having extremely protective outdoor furniture is vital to ensuring our safety and comfort in the sun. As an Australian manufacturer, Felton Industries understands reflective radiation, shade materials and how these withstand deterioration. With this knowledge, we continue to build products to keep Australian communities safe. With features like UV resistant Laminex table tops, Colorbond® roofing and Dulux powder coated frames, our shade range is also extremely durable and built to withstand extreme Australian weather. We also thoroughly understand the outdoor culture of Australia, from family barbeques to weekends spent in the park playing sports. We engineer all our products to maximise comfort for these kinds of activities, with smooth, easy-to-clean designs that feel strong, sturdy and supportive.

You can expect dependable service and quality products

Australian made outdoor furniture is subjected to extremely high manufacturing standards and extensive quality checks, so you can be sure that you’ll get an excellent product. Australian products are also subject to strict environmental protection policies, so you’re not only more likely to get a quality product, but also a more sustainable one. For example, Felton Industries offers which lasts longer and saves natural resources. Plus, when you buy Australian made outdoor furniture, you’re warranty. In fact, Felton’s is seven years – so you can be confident that any issues with your product will be dealt with immediately, saving you money and giving you peace of mind.

 They help improve living standards for everyone

Buying Australian made outdoor furniture supports local industries and jobs, so you can give back to the community while making your outdoor spaces more enjoyable. Don’t believe us? According to research by the Industry Capability Network, for every million dollars of new or retained manufacturing in Australia, the economy is rewarded with:

  • $333,900 worth of tax revenue
  • $985,000 worth of added-value
  • $95,000 worth of welfare benefits
  • 10 full-time jobs.

Plus, all these benefits go directly back into our economy to create even more jobs and even more growth, further benefiting our communities.

As a wholly Australian owned and operated business, nobody understands the requirements of Australian schools and councils like Felton Industries. We’re committed to providing the highest quality of furniture, ensuring Australians have the most comfortable and enjoyable outdoor experiences possible. For more information about furniture tailored to your unique needs, get in touch with our friendly team today.

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