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Felton Industries Care about Public Transport

Public transport is one of those things that we should all be far more engaged with. In a very real sense, it is a lifeblood of both our economies and our social communities.

Research from the Victorian Government, for example, has found that public transport provides benefits that include – but are not limited to:

  • Helping foster a sense of community by bringing people together. This in turn helps build a sense of community between individuals and those around them.
  • Encouraging a healthier lifestyle, particularly with regard to the walk or bicycle ride that most have to the train station or bus stop.
  • Freeing up the roads and reducing the burden and expense of building and maintaining roads infrastructure.
  • Reducing the community’s reliance on oil.
  • Easing pollution by getting more cars off the road.
  • Using less land than road infrastructure generally does
  • Helping family budgets – public transport is less expensive to use than the equivalent cost of driving to a location.
  • Helping people manage time; instead of needing to focus on the road while driving, using public transport allows a person to get work done or simply relax and play video games, watch movies, or listen to music.

These eight reasons provide compelling reasons why we should be doing everything we can to encourage people to use public transport more.

One of the challenges that we have in regard to encouraging greater use of public transport has to do with the bus network. Australia’s cities and towns have a more comprehensive bus network than many people realise. To encourage more bus travel, making the bus stops more visible and comfortable to use is a positive step that has yielded proven engagement.

Working with Felton Industries to roll out a network of covered bus shelters with seating will invite people of all ages and physical ability to leave their cars behind and jump on a bus instead, getting all the social, economic, and cultural value from public transport in the process.

In addition to catching the attention of travellers instantly and ensuring that they know where to go to catch a bus, the seating available will be welcomed by people who have mobility issues. Additionally, these shelters can be fitted with a variety of accessories to ensure that they remain safe to use for all.

For more information on bus shelters and the benefits that they bring back to the public transport network, get in touch with our friendly team today.

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